You might have not known about Link Preview feature in Yahoo Mail unless you’ve got an email from someone with a link in your account on the web. To try out this feature, compose a new message and paste a link to a photo, video, or webpage, YMail! then automatically shows preview of that link with title, image and snippet from that webpage.

Yahoo mail showing Preview of link for new message

The Link Preview card will appear in two sizes: full and compact. By default, the large preview link card will be shown, you can switch to compact or small one. You can delete that card by clicking on ‘x’.

The benefit with this feature is recipient gets an idea what the content link going to offer without even clicking

Disabling or turning off Yahoo Mail’s Link Preview feature

1. Click on Gear icon, select Settings>Writing email,

2. Remove the tick mark for ‘automatically generate preview of links’ for link Preview setting and click on the Save button.

Do you like link preview feature in Yahoo Mail? If not why? Share with us in the comments.