When communication with the Google Update fails, Chrome throws Update Server Not available (error:3), when the update was downloaded, but failed to install, then you get Update server not available (error :7) (this error can be overcome by restarting the computer). I’ve got a similar type of error (error number is same -7), here it is: ‘Update failed (error: 7) An error occurred while checking for updates: Egads! Installation failed. Please try again. Error code = 0x00000000.’

Chrome Update failed error

Fixing Chrome’s Update Failed (error: 7), error code: 0x00000000

1. Open Task Manager, look for GoogleUpdate.exe or GoogleUpdateOnDemand.exe, if whichever exists, kill it.

2. Restart Chrome.

3. Click on Chrome menu and select ‘About Google Chrome’, now you should see chrome updating. A little patience is required, it will be eventually updated, without you doing anything from your end.

If the above steps don’t help, then, restarting your computer will, definitely.