Dropbox has made available new and improved web previews of Microsoft office files for Business and Pro plan users. Dropbox Basic users to get these in the coming months. A Year back, Dropbox has added File Previews which allows users to view office file, PDFs, text, code snippets directly in the browser without needing to download and open them on the desktop.  The File syncing site does this by turning office documents into PDFs.

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Today Dropbox has announced improved preview of Microsoft Office files to Dropbox for Business and Pro users. 

"And because an overwhelming majority of businesses today use Microsoft Office, we know that many teams’ daily workflows rely on Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

That’s why we’ve made some improvements to the experience of working with Office files. Now you can view Excel files right in your browser, and we’ve improved the web previews for Powerpoint and Word too so they’re almost identical to how the files look on your desktop." Dropbox employee Daniel Horn said in their blog.

Dropbox web-previews

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"In other words, when you’re in the web app viewing Office documents you’ve saved in your Dropbox, or when you click on a shared link to a file someone has sent you, you’ll be able to preview a high-quality version of the file right in your browser instead of having to download and open it." he explained.

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