Browser protection features existed in its toolbar for Avira Free Antivirus, now available via Avira Browser Safety extension for popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Opera. This one’s much better when compared to the Avira SearchFree Toolbar. By leveraging the power of Avira URL Cloud technology used in Safe Search, the Website Safety Advisor shows whether links in search results and websites you about to visit are safe (green check mark means no threats detected so far), however when you visit a malicious website, you will receive a warning.

Avira Browser Safety extension

Avira Browser Safety Beta Announced, Replaces SearchFree Toolbar

Download Avira Browser Safety for browsers

Advertising companies try to create a profile from your visits to websites, you won’t be tracked anymore online with the Browser Tracking Blocker offered by ABS.

When the number of trackers detected is shown with blue icon, means, no sites are blocked from tracking, because they’re required for the site to function. You can add any site as an exception, so none of the trackers on your favorite website will be blocked. You need to click on the Edit trackers button to do this.

You can install Avira Browser Safety for Firefox and Chrome browsers from here, and Opera from here.

Cons or remarks

We observed slow loading of search results on Google when this extension is installed.

How to Uninstall or Remove Avira Browser Safety

Chrome: From Chrome menu>Tools>Extensions, Remove Avira Browser Safety

Firefox: From Firefox Menu icon>add-ons>Extensions, Remove ABS

Opera: Visit Opera Extensions page, and hover over ‘x’ opposite to ABS to remove Browser Safety from Opera.