You did the damage, hence you’ve to repair it. AVG offers Tool to get rid of its Toolbar and Secure Search from Browsers, and restore default configuration of affected browsers. AVG offers Secure Search/Nation Search and Security Toolbar/Nation Toolbar, more users search for these on search engines to remove them (not to get them) as AVG toolbar is a browser hijacker that changes browsers search provider, homepage and new tab page to AVG’s Secure Search.

Removing AVG Secure Search as Search Engine in Firefox

Who in the world want to search on search engines provided by antivirus companies? (Google,Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo are there for that purpose) – you’re here to offer security solution for protection of computers, not to behave like malware.

AVG Browser Configuration Tool

If you can’t find AVG  Security Toolbar or AVG SafeGuard Toolbar or AVG Nation Toolbar in Control Panel to uninstall or if you not found this post useful, you can remove the toolbar and AVG Secure Search/AVG Nation Search using Browser Configuration tool provided by AVG.

AVG Downgrader converts AVG Trial to Free Version

AVG Browser Configuration tool description and its utilization 

Description: AVG Tools will restore configuration of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For all installed browsers, it will:

-remove AVG Security Toolbar and AVG Security Search

-reset homepage and search provider settings


1. Download and save Browser Configuration tool to your computer, close all browsers if any opened and run it.

2. Click on continue to allow it to begin the removal process.

Download AVG Browser Configuration Tool

You can also try Avast Browser Cleanup (standalone) if this tool doesn’t give expected results.

Note: Use this tool at your own risk, we’re not responsible for damage done by it to your computer or data in it. 

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