Avast free antivirus comes with Hardware-assisted virtualization setting enabled by default, which is the main reason why some games you’re trying to play are crashing. If you’ve Avast installed and not able to play Unity games on your computer, let me tell you the problem lies within the antivirus you’re using. Without uninstalling your favorite Avast, you can continue to let it protect your PC as well you can enjoy games at the same time, here is how that can be achieved.

Avast Prevents CCleaner from Managing Windows Startup Items

Disabling Hardware-Assisted Virtualization feature in Avast

1. Open Avast user interface, Settings>Troubleshooting ,and Uncheck Enable hardware-assisted virtualization

2. Click OK and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

What Avast has to do with unsecapp.exe?

Note: Avast warns when this feature is turned off, because some virtualization features may not work reliably after that. Its true, there are chances for the malware to escape sandbox and infect your computer. Make sure you know about this before making this change.