Stumbled onto the download site from Search engines, don’t download software from it?. There are so many software download sites on the web, in them, few are trusted like Majorgeeks and Softpedia, if you’ve chosen to download a file from Afterdawan, watch out, it first downloads download manager to your computer, after that, it downloads the software you requested but also installs additional software automatically unless or otherwise if you opted-out them during the setup.

Afterdawn Downloader installs adware/sponsored software

Additional software offered is based on your location detection. I got AVG  toolbar and AVG Security search, you might get a different one like Search Protect All these sponsored software promoted by Afterdawan manipulates browser search engine and other settings.

So safe downloads in Afterdawn website are never safe, they install malware or potentially unwanted programs which are hard to get rid of.

Downloading using AfterDawn downloader protected by

Your download will be completed using by AfterDawn Downloader, which ensures that your download will originate from AfterDawn. Download process using the downloader will be much faster and will display a progress bar during the download.

You will first download the AfterDawn downloader. After you have downloaded it, run the small (<400kb) executable to start the download.

Depending on your location you may see sponsored offers during the installation. One of these offers is theAVG Secure Search toolbar (see below), which offers several security features, such as Site Safety report(shown on right) and Do Not Track option for denying

What’s your take on this? Which software download site you trust and download files from? Share with us in the comments.