Flash runtime that came bundled with Adobe Shockwave Player for Windows and Mac has not received security updates since last 15 months, and it is vulnerable and can be hacked through Shockwave if installed in your computer. Adobe isn’t doing anything about it, you do your bit if it installed in your computer, uninstall it right now.

Adobe Shockwave Player Uninstaller

When Was Last Time Flash Update Installed Automatically on Your Computer ?

"The "Full" installer for Shockwave player provides Flash version 11.5.502.146, which was released on January 8, 2013.This version of Flash contains several exploitable vulnerabilities. Note that Shockwave uses its own Flash runtime, provided by the file Flash Asset.x32, rather than using a Flash runtime that may be installed on a system-wide basis."vulnerability note in CERT advisory warns.

How to Turn on Flash for Websites in IE10 Metro on Windows 8 & RT

Test Shockwave Player installed or not in your computer

To confirm, if you’ve Shockwave installed already on your computer, visit this page, then an animation that lasts for a short period of time will appear. When you visit the same page in Chrome, dir.dcr will be downloaded to downloads shelf at the bottom.

Uninstalling Shockwave Player with Tool from Adobe

Usually, you don’t find Shockwave in installed programs in Control Panel, but thankfully, Adobe is offering Uninstall Tool for Shockwave Player, which you can download and run, after that it will be removed when you follow the instructions shown on the screen. This Tool removes Shockwave from Internet Explorer and Firefox based browsers.

How to Update Internet Explorer 10 Flash Player in Windows 8

Note: Exit all browsers if any opened, before running Shockwave Uninstaller, otherwise, they will be closed automatically.

If you use Chrome as your default browser, you don’t need to install Flash or Shockwave in your system. You should know Shockwave Flash is different from Shockwave Player.

Do you know whether you’ve Shockwave installed in your computer? Share with us in the comments.