Cloud service Dropbox has started testing Auto-installers (named as Pre-authorized installers in 2.7 experimental build) for Windows and Mac OS X, you can find these in Release candidate build and soon will be available to all users officially with stable build. Dropbox 2.8 version to bring new icons in tray popup, notifies you when your hard drive is full and setup wizard for large Dropboxes prompts for Selective Sync.

How to Remove "Move to Dropbox" from Context Menu in Windows

Testing Dropbox Auto Sign-In Installer, how is it different to regular installer?

If you’re logged into Dropbox website, auto sign-in installer won’t ask you for your username password. To test it

Unlink Dropbox from Preferences or uninstall it. To get started, click on this link for Windows and Mac, website prompts you to sign-in (not if you’ve already logged in). And small installer will be downloaded and installed, and you’ll be automatically signed into the client.

Clearing Dropbox Cache is dead Easy, here is how

Dropbox team asking not to try auto sign-in installer for large Dropboxes, that has over ( +30,0000) files.

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