Snagit, Screen Capture software from TechSmith has got a new major version, Snagit 12 has been released for Windows and available for download with new features and improvements. Till now Snagit has offered simple video recording, now it allows to remove unwanted parts you’ve recorded in a video.

Snagit 12 brings the ability to cut videos, and Editor UI gets a refresh

Video trimming– "The new ability to trim video in Snagit makes it dead simple to remove ums, ahs, coughs, or dead space from the beginning, middle, end…or any small mistakes you want to trim out. After making a video capture, just drag the green and red triangles to select the part you want to remove, then click Cut." TechSmith’s Danier Foster said in a blog post.

Snagit 12 with video cut feature

TechSmith has made new style for capture which is not good, unlike to previous versions when you capture something, you’re now  presented with options to grab the image or video which is not intuitive for the user.

To keep the focus on captured images or videos, Snagit Editor has been redesigned, "the darker background and more muted icons keep the focus on your content, making it even easier to get your work done".

new capture window

Snagit no longer supports Windows XP and Vista. Text capture mode, one of the profiles existed in earlier versions has been removed from this version.

One click has been changed to capture window, ‘provides immediate, single click access to all capture profiles as well as the new capture workflow’.

Where Unsaved Captures in Snagit go?

Snagit 12 now requires . NET Framework 4 full to be installed in your computer to work.

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