Mozilla has already made its Firefox browser awesome with new design, in-content preferences and context menu with icons on top, now it has started testing WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) in Nightly, which lets you make audio & video calls to anyone on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android (no plugins required, all you need is the browser, mic and a webcam) with an WebRTC-enabled browser.

Mozilla experiments with WebRTC in Nightly

"Soon, in Firefox Nightly, you will see our first experiments in creating a WebRTC-powered communications feature that aims to connect everyone with a WebRTC-enabled browser. And that’s all you will need. No plug-ins, no downloads. If you have a browser, a camera and a mic, you’ll be able to make audio and video calls to anyone else with an enabled browser. It will eventually work across all of your devices and operating systems." Chad Weiner said in Future releases blog.

FYI, WebRTC already enabeld in Nightly, to confirm, check media.peerconnection.enabled option in about:config set to true or not.

We’ll update you more on this, when Mozilla provides more details.

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