Chromium fork Opera developer has got load tabs on demand feature like in Firefox, when Chrome will get it?. The Opera desktop team has released Opera 23 Developer version with new features for Windows and Mac and is available to download. The one that most excites me is: Option to delay loading of previous session tabs on Startup. Though the feature is mainly intended to faster start-up time when Opera-Turbo is enabled for slower connections.

"When Opera Turbo is enabled, you will now get faster start-up time on slow network connections. Opera Turbo will delay loading of background tabs (“lazy-session loading”) until they are activated. Thus limiting the amount of simultaneous network connections and bandwidth usage when restoring the previous session during start-up. This will load the web page faster and make your browsing much easier." post in Opera desktop team blog notes.

Offline Cache Mode Experimental feature in Google Chrome to let you read web pages Offline

tabs delay option on startup Opera Settings

However, you don’t need to use Off-road mode (Opera Turbo) to get the lazy session loading option in Opera. You’ll notice the option for it in Startup once you enable Advanced Settings. When this option is selected, the tab that you’re facing on last session will be loaded on startup and other tabs will be loaded only until and unless you select them.

Enabling lazy session loading or delaying the loading of background tabs on startup in Opera 23

1. Click on Opera Menu, select Settings

2. Enable ‘Advanced Settings’ and under Startup, tick the check box for ‘Delay loading of Background tabs’ and you’re good to go.

Download Opera Developer 23 for Windows and Mac.