Opera software has released Opera 21 stable for Windows and Mac and is available to download. This Opera version for Windows has switched to Aura which results in "smoother, snappier animations with a more responsive feel", while Mac doesn’t need this as Mac version uses Apple core animation for the same.

To avoid phishing sites from tricking you, by default, Opera doesn’t show page’s full URL in the address bar instead, it shows domain name (only) and small badge, which on clicking displays site’s security. Now it offers the option for the users who wants it.

Enable/Show “http://” URL Prefix in Firefox 7 Location Bar

To always view the complete URL in the address bar in Chromium based Opera 21 browser

Visit Settings, select ‘Show Advanced Settings’

And under ‘User interface’, select ‘Show full URL in combined search and address bar’.

Opera 21 advanced settings address filed option

Opera 12 users, you can achieve that by enabling Show Full URL preference, check Make Opera 11 to Show Full URL in the Address Bar with Web Protocol

From this version onwards. off-road mode (in previous versions, called as Opera Turbo) when enabled for the first time explanation about it will be shown.

Download Opera 21