OpenDNS guide is going away, because of this, OpenDNS to offer ad-free experience for their users from this year June 6h onwards. If you’re an OpenDNS user, and when you try to reach a website in your browser, which is not open due to technical difficulties or you may’ve mistyped the URL, then instead of the browser showing "server not found" error message, free DNS service shows you the guide page with relevant search results and ads.

This is going to change as Founder, David Ulevitch of free DNS service provider has decided to eliminate the ads and discontinue OpenDNS guide page. What’s the reason for this move? To give best possible experience for the users, and the CEO says security and ads don’t mix.

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OpenDNS Guide is shutting down

"On June 6th, the OpenDNS Guide will cease to exist. If OpenDNS users type a phrase that isn’t a website address into their browser address bar, they’ll get whatever experience the creators of their browser intended. A native, unaltered navigation experience. Ultimately, I feel great about the decision, guided by delivering — first and foremost — a fantastic user experience.", he added.