Google Chrome Canary build  has received a new Incognito page which would soon be available in beta and stable channels. Back in December last year, Chromium team has simplified the text in Incognito page, now they’ve updated the look and text for it. You can find this in latest Canary build, just press Ctrl +Shift+N or select ‘New incognito window’ from the menu to see it.

Chrome’s Incognito mode landing page has just got better

Below is the new one, we’ve attached screenshots below of current and new ones for comparison, take a look and decide which is one is good and which one is not.

current and new Incognito pages

"You’ve gone incognito

Pages you view in incognito tabs won’t stick around in your browser’s history, cookie store, or search history after you’ve closed all of your incognito tabs. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be kept. Learn more about incognito browsing

Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider, or the websites you visit."

According to the screenshot and issue, they’ve updated styling, added new incognito man illustration, and removed the extensions block (the one that says Chrome can not control extensions in private browsing, that’s why they’ve disabled them, you can reenable them individually if you want- FYI, Chrome does allow user to run desired extensions in incognito mode).

What’s your take on Chrome’s new Incognito page? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments.