Changes to Firefox Context Menu happened in Version 16, –Firefox 16:  Send Link Removed, Reload and Stop buttons combined for Context Menu-, with the new interface, recently Mozilla made in-content preferences default ,and now they’ve set up new context Menus for you to test in Nightly and the one that got by Firefox 32 looks leaner. Inspired from Firefox for Android version, the open source browser provider has switched some of the menu items in the Desktop one’s context menu to icons.

Firefox new Context Menu with icons

Firefox’s New Context Menu with icons

"Switching frequently used menu items to their iconic forms can improve the usability of the menu, as it can make it easier to find the menu items at a glance as well as click on, Jared Wein said in his blog. 

With the Squint test performed between Firefox old and new context menus, new one "
not only is it easier to see the actions of the buttons at the top, but we can also see that the new menu feels a bit leaner." he added.

Note: Context Menu that you open on links isn’t changed, the context menu with back, forward, Reload, Bookmarks This page .. ‘ menu items is changed.

Which Context Menu you like? New one or the current one? Let us know in the Comments.