Remember In-content preferences for Firefox?, A project started by (yes, still not completed) few students from Michigan State University in 2012, Mozilla then landed it in Firefox 15 Nightly, but it hasn’t made it to the stable channel and no update on it till now. Today, Mozilla has announced that it has enabled this feature by default in Nightly,"I’m happy to announce that starting today, the new in-content preferences are enabled by default in Firefox Nightly"Jared Wein, a Senior Software engineer works for Mozilla said in a blog post.

But it doesn’t mean it has completed, list of bugs needs to be fixed for the first version of the project to complete. "There is still a lot of work to be done before shipping the new in-content preferences out to people on the release builds of Firefox.. We have a list of bugs that we need to fix before we can call version 1 of this project complete " He added.  

In-Content Preferences default

Mozilla asking interested users to download nightly build and test new preferences and file bugs if found.

You can see them in action by visiting about: preferences page or by selecting "options" from the menu also takes you there.

How the new In-Content Preferences are different from the old Options?

Now in nightly, Options will be opened and shown in a page instead in a Window, navigation between panels also got easier now.

"For Windows users Preferences window always comes in their way once its opened and user can’t see the changes they applied when it is active, user has to close preferences window and check browser for changes and then he need to access options again which is not a good user experience which Mozilla trying to solve. This is one example we can say but there are more such.

Firefox Options window

If you want Options window back, then visit about:config and set browser.preferences.InContent preference value to false.

Which one you Prefer? New in Content Preferences or old Options window? Let us know in the comments.