MailTrack comes to Desktop Chrome for Gmail, tells when your sent messages were read. Popular MailTrack notification app which lets you know when and where from which city your email was read on iOS, is now available for desktop Chrome on Web Store as an (free) extension. Just visit the link and install the extension, sign into your Google account and forget about Gmail tracking, MailTrack will do the rest.

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Similar to Whatsapp, this app shows double checks in Gmail. For instance, when you send an email to someone, single green check will be showed in ‘Sent Email’ next to that message and when the recipient reads it, two green checks will be shown, which on hover shows who and when read your email.

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MalTrack Chrome extension Gmail

MailTrack desktop Chrome Extension for Gmail

This app works by inserting a small snippet of code into header for every email you sent. If you’re concerned about extension reading your data, MailTrack Chrome extension page says "Privacy assured ,100% safe , and we respect your privacy information." and you can uninstall extension any time by vising Chrome extensions page.

MailTrack showing when email was read by whom

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MailTrack works for multiple accounts and will be helpful for the following 

friends: coordinate better with them
– Family: make sure your loved ones are well
– Peace of mind: avoid impatience when waiting for answers
– Commercial objectives: verify if there is interest in your products
– Job search: find out if a company reviewed your resume

Note: For every email you send, ‘Send with MailTrack’ will be added as signature, if you don’t want that, you can remove it by visiting, and remove tick mark for Signature and click ‘Update’ button.

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