Add-ons Manager in Firefox lets you install extensions, themes and plugins, and it lets you manage them well, you can disable or remove any add-on you no longer need or don’t want. Till now, you’ve seen it listing Get Add-ons, Extensions, Appearance, Plugins and recently, Mozilla has added Services panel, which lets you enable Social Services such as Facebook Messenger that were disabled by default, now a new one has been added, it is Experiments.

Experiments Panel in Add-ons Manager

By default, Telemetry is enabled in Nightly, Aurora and beta channels and this feature sends performance and usage information such as memory consumption, responsiveness and feature usage daily to Mozilla servers which helps Mozilla to make the browser better for you in future versions.

Here Telemetry or Usage Statistics is installing and running experiments in your own browser, for example, ’tile switcher’ add-on without your consent.

Removing Experiments Panel from Firefox add-ons Manager

To remove this Experiments panel, which also prevents Usage Statistics from installing and running experiments, you need to disable Telemetry, here is how to do that.

  • Click on menu button and select Options,
  • Click on Data Choices tab and uncheck box for Enable Telemetry and click OK to apply the changes.
  • Restart the browser.