When you install IObit’s Driver Booster program on your computer and if you leave that program alone without removing after the knowing status of drivers installed (or updating them), it automatically runs two processes named AutoUpdate.exe and Scheduler.exe on startup. Description of these processes are: AutoUpdate.exe – Driver Booster Updater and Scheduler.exe  – Driver Booster Scan.

Disabling or Removing Driver Booster’s AutoUpdate.exe and Scheduler.exe Processes?

You can’t find these on the Startup tab on the System Configuration window which you get by typing msconfig.exe, then how to disable or remove these?.

DriverBooster schedules these to start automatically on logon.

Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler, click on ‘Task Scheduler library’ and select Driver Booster Scan and then click on disable or delete button (check the screenshot below).

Similarly, select Driver Booster Update, click on disable or delete button.

Driver Booster Update AutoUpdate.exe schedule task

Disabling or deleting these schedule tasks no way affects functioning of Driver Booster, it continues to work like before.