Remember OneClick in Snagit 11 -which lets you access Snagit and its profiles quickly from the desktop – this has been changed to Capture Window in Snagit 12. Snagit Capture Window, similar to OneClick docks on top of the screen (you can see blue bar) and appears only when you mouse hover it, on clicking the red button it offers options for capture. If you want to disable it for coming in your way when you’re accessing or switching between tabs in browser, here is how you can do that, follow the steps mentioned below.

Snagit capture window

Disabling Snagit 12’s Capture Window

1. Right Click on TechSmith Snagit icon in the System tray and select ‘Snagit Capture Window’

2. ‘Snagit Notification Area Icon Enabled’ popup will be shown, that’s it!, you can access Snagit through it from now onwards and capture window will no longer appears unless if you select Snagit capture window from the tray icon again.

What’s your take on the Snagit Capture Window? Is it interrupting you? Let me know in the comments.