Today if you visit and play any video in the Chrome browser, it will be played by HTML5 Player instead of Flash, this applies to all videos in the popular video sharing site and you simply can’t switch to Flash Player from page like before.

How to set Flash Player as the Default for Playing YouTube Videos in Chrome instead of HTML5

What happened? Google has secretly made HTML5 player as the default one for playing videos on YouTube in their browser, they’ve forced this change upon us, that means all videos will be played by HTML5 player but not with Flash.

If you’ve a reason to use/switch to Flash Player, then you can by disabling HTML5 player on YouTube by installing this extension from Chrome Web Store.

Youtube Default HTML5  Player

After installing the extension, to affirm that it is working, play any video on YouTube and right- click on it (while it is running), you can watch it being played by Adobe Flash Player but not with HTML5 (check the screenshot below).

YouTube Video played by Flash Player

YouTube’s HTML5 Player gone Stable?

A reader asked in a thread on the Google group forum that he can’t disable html5 player as he didn’t find the button to do so, one user replied " The HTML5 player is considered stable (that’s also why it has been removed from and thus cannot get turned off. "