Chrome beta now showing ‘disable extension’ button the for the extension on Settings page that has taken control of Search Provider or start up pages Settings. If an extension you install from Chrome Web Store changes the browser settings such as New Tab Page or Search provider with your permission,

then Chrome shows a notification when you perform searches from the Omnibox saying “Is this the search page you were expecting? An extension has changed what page is shown when you search from the omnibox. If you didn’t want these changes, you can restore your previous settings “.

Chrome is this the search page you were expecting notification

If you click on ‘Restore Settings’, that extension will be disabled, when you visit the Chrome Settings page without taking any action, then in the Settings page, “on Startup” setting shows a rectangular box with message ‘An extension, [extension name] is controlling this setting’ and offers ‘disable extension’ button, the same message will be shown for the Search setting also.

We’ve covered about this when landed on Canary, now available in Beta channel also, read: Chrome Canary now shows a disable button for the extensions that overrides its Settings

Chrome Settings hijacked without your knowledge? Chrome now Prompts to Reset those

Settings page showing extension is controlling search and New Tab Page Settings

What’s your take on this development? Don’t you think we need to appreciate the Chromium team for getting our attention in the settings page about the extension that has changed the Chrome settings?.