Doesn’t get any worse than this, latest update for Firefox 32 Nightly spoiled the browser, after installing the update and restart, it showed a black screen with no menus (you can’t access anything, everything is black), at the end you’ve to kill the Firefox process in the Task Manager to close it (right clicking on its taskbar icon and selecting Close Window might work too). Let us see how to fix this.

Firefox showing all Black screen

Update October 25,2014: Mozilla has released Firefox 33.0.1 to address this issue.

Fixing Firefox shows black screen after the launch

1. Select Nightly (Firefox) icon on the desktop, hold the Shift button and double click on Nightly shortcut,

2. When Safe mode dialog appears, click on ‘Start in Safe Mode’, instead of ‘Reset Nightly’ (we don’t know this fixes the problem).

3. When Firefox opens, click on Menu, select Options>Advanced, uncheck or remove tick mark for ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ .

Now exit Firefox and relaunch it, the browser will now open normally without any issues, enable hardware acceleration if you want once Mozilla patches the issue.

Have you experienced this with Firefox in the past? How you’ve fixed it then? Let us know in the comments.

Update October 17, 2014: Some users after installing the Firefox 33 update have been greeted with a black window, hope the instructions mentioned in the article are working for  them. Are they? Let me know in the comments, so that we may able to find out  the reasons behind this.