Chrome App Launcher, which lets you access your favorite Apps from the desktop quickly is getting some testing by Chromium team, you can test that too by enabling Enable the experimental App Launcher flag in latest Chromium build. As recently, Google has added their logo at the center of New Tab Page, following the same, they’re adding five app tiles below the Google logo, check the screenshot below.

experimental Chrome App Launcher

Experimental Chrome App Launcher

The current app launcher already offers Search box above apps, what’s the purpose of placing Google’s? Have you got what search giant is trying to convey to us? Is it just for branding purposes or any benefit that the user gets here with the new design?

current or old app launcher

Chrome Beta in Windows 8 Mode Looks different with App Launcher and Shelf at the Bottom

What do you think of the new App Launcher? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments.