We’ve already covered how to remove ‘Move to Dropbox’ entry on the Windows Context menu (quite a long tutorial though), now Cloud backup provider Dropbox, itself providing that option in testing build 2.9.44.

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Disabling ‘Move to Dropbox’ context menu using a command line switch

1. Exit Dropbox using its tray icon.

2. Run Dropbox executable on the desktop by adding –move-to-dropbox=True switch.

3. Relaunch Dropbox by clicking on its icon start menu.

That’s it!,  Move to Dropbox context menu item has been disabled.

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If you’ve not found Dropbox shortcut on desktop, click on Start Menu>All Programs>Dropbox, right click on Dropbox and choose Send to>Desktop (create shortcut).

Now right click on Dropbox shortcut, select Properties and in the Target field after giving space add above mentioned switch.