Don’t want to be annoyed by Performance Alerts shown by Norton Antivirus? You can easily deactivate them. Remember AVG advisor notifications? -For instance, all of a sudden a notification pops up saying Firefox is using more memory, AVG recommends to close and reopen that application.

Similarly, Norton Antivirus monitors the system performance and offers Performance Alerts, which are enabled by default. If any program or process consumes too many system resources, then you’ll be notified with a notification with the message ‘high disk usage by.. So and so application’ (check the screenshot below).

NAV Performance Alert

With ‘Details & Settings’ link in the notification opens ‘File Insight’ window which shows file reputations details, its origin (source from it has downloaded), Process ID, CPU, Memory usage and other information. You can exclude that file from Alerts right from File Insight window by clicking ‘don’t alert this file’.

How to Turn off Pop-ups Shown by Download Intelligence in Norton Security

If you don’t want to see Norton Antivirus performance alerts or notifications, you can turn them off, follow the instructions below for that.

Disabling Norton Antivirus Performance Alerts

1. Open  NAV main window, click on Settings

2. Click General tab, in the left pane, click on Performance Monitoring and set ‘Performance Alerting’ switch to ‘Off’ position

Norton AV Settings

3. Click ‘OK’ to apply the changes.

How to Prevent or Stop Performance Tasks from being Run by Norton Security 2015?

Note: You can exclude programs manually by adding them here: Settings>General>Performance Monitoring> Configure [+].