Mozilla held a contest for add-on developers between March 11 – April 2014 to create add-ons for Firefox’s new look (Australis), and the contest consisted of three categories: Best Overall add-on, Best Bookmark add-on and Best Complete Theme, and today results for ‘Add-ons for Australis Contest’ are out. A Panel of judges has picked one winner and two runners-up from each category.

Australis Add-ons Contest Winner

Mozilla announces the best Firefox add-ons for Australis

Beast Overall add-on, that makes use of Australis features is The Fox, Only Better (link). Classic Theme Restorer (link) and Profilist gained second and third place.

Best Bookmark add-on, ‘an innovative bookmarking add-on that works well with the Australis theme’ is QuickMark. Feed Sidebar and What about: are the remaining winning add-ons.

Best Complete Theme, ‘a complete theme that most creatively alters the look and feel of Australis’, is Noia Fox. MX3 and  Walnut for Firefox got 2nd and 3rd positions.

Which add-on you liked the most? Are you using any one already? Which one is it? Share with us  in the comments.