Remember Avira SearchFree Toolbar which was powered by Ask?, After receiving bad feedback on it from users Avira has decided to release their 2014 products without that toolbar, in that process, they broke the partnership with Ask and working on a new search product, today they’ve released Avira SafeSearch product in beta which is currently available for explore in any web browser or in Chrome as an extension from its website.

"As you may know, we have been working very hard on a new Search product. Previously we relied on a partnership with Ask to handle the search functionality for us but your feedback made us realize that many of you were not happy with it."

Avira SafeSearch Beta

Avira promises to add best offers, travel deals and weather information to their search product in future.

Avira SafeSearch Beta

"The SafeSearch product we are releasing today gives a glimpse into the new direction we are going. In the near future, SafeSearch will be expanded with additional functionalities, helping you to find the best offers, travel deals and weather information. SafeSearch will also enhance your protection by adding appropriate security information to every search result – stay with us and find out for yourself!".

Warning: You’re warned!, SafeSearch Chrome extension changes search settings to and SafeSearch will appear every time when you open a new tab.

Link: Avira SafeSearch.