After installing Popular ad blocking extension, Adblock Plus in Firefox (now works with Australis) when you open and see its preferences window, you can notice Adblock Warning Removal List automatically added to Filter Subscriptions tab but not enabled or selected.

Why was this filter  added by ABP without user consent and what is its purpose? Some sites on detect of adblockers on user’s browser automatically display some messages to stop using Adblocker (please don’t block our ads:) ).

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Adblock Warning Removal List

Warning Removal list filter subscription when enabled, blocks these sorts of anti-adblock warnings and obtrusive messages on websites.

“The Adblock Warning Removal List specifically removes obtrusive messages and warnings targeted to users who use an adblocker.” You can see it here and here is the link to its homepage.

Update: When ABP was installed, Warning Removal list appears in Chrome and Opera browsers also.

Update 1: Enable this to disable custom ads or warnings shown by sites to ABP users.

And here is what Adblock Warning Removal list is in layman terms : “Adblock Warning Removal list prevents you from seeing warnings to disable your ad blocker on some sites. “.