When you install Panda Cloud Antivirus (v2.9 beta) on your computer, it installs ‘Panda Devices Agent’ and Uninstaller for it also provided which you can notice in Control Panel.

What Panda Devices Agent has to do with Panda Cloud Antivirus is we don’t know, but uninstalling Cloud AV won’t remove devices agent, and also the service related to it ‘Panda Security Devices’ agent with the executable (AgentSvc.exe) that runs from the path , “C:\Program Files\Panda Security\Panda Devices Agent\AgentSvc.exe” was pre-configured to start automatically on Windows startup, something which you may not like.

Panda Devices Agent installed location


Note: You should not disable or remove Panda Devices Agent when you’re using Panda Cloud AV, Panda Security said it is necessary for proper functioning of the product. “This is a essential antivirus component which communicates the antivirus with the Cloud Systems. So, It’s necessary for the proper functioning of the product. ”

Removing Panda Devices Agent installed by Panda Cloud Antivirus

1. Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features

2. Select Panda Devices Agent, click Uninstall button, and follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: It is better to leave it alone when you’re using Panda AV, if you’re not, remove it after its uninstallation.


FYI, you can also stop Panda Devices Agent service from running automatically at windows startup.

For that, type services.msc in Run dialog box and press enter, find ‘panda devices agent’, double click on it and hit on ‘Stop’ button.