Google already said it will show a notification to Reset Chrome browser if its setting were hijacked, but seems as if the Chromium team itself is making changes? (Perhaps a test) to user(s) browser settings (for instance, it changes ‘Continue where you left off’ setting to ‘Open the New Tab page’ on startup and displays a false notification to reset browser settings as if they were changed by another program (might be CCleaner?, read below) which may not be true. This creates confusion for the user.

Settings change notification

Chrome Automatic Settings Reset UI

Here is what the notification says: ‘Chrome detected that some of your browser settings were changed by another program and reset them to their original defaults’, with learn more at the end takes you UI automatic settings reset page in Chrome Help center which doesn’t display any information, but shows some popular help articles for troubleshooting.

Currently this notification being displayed on the beta and canary channels which you can ignore, so that it might not show again. We doubt that would happen on stable channel.

Is CCleaner causing this?

If you’ve experienced ‘your preferences file is corrupt or invalid‘ error in the past after launching   of Chrome, culprit or cause for that error is CCleaner. We never know reset notification could be triggered by Chrome with CCleaner cleaning its history and other browser data. Do you know you can clear browser data with in Google browser, without need of CCleaner, use that to avoid these sort of notifications or errors.

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