Developer Bill has added two new features to WinPatrol 2014, they’re: ‘Check for Safe updates’ and ‘Restore Deleted files’. After installing this version, you’ll find software updates checking button in place of ‘check for new WinPatrol version’ on Plus tab, free users can use this feature too. When you click on this button, it will check for updates for popular software installed in your computer for e.g for Browsers like IE and Chrome, and, opens and shows safe official download links for them on the WinPatrol site in your default browser.

Check updates for popular software right from WinPatrol

The reason for developer for doing this is: even legitimate companies like Oracle have  partnered with toolbar providers and antivirus companies which allows them to install Ask Toolbar with every new version of java on users’ computers. We’ve covered how to remove Java installed Ask Toolbar and TBNotifier.exe process. And it’s also very easy for users to download and install a fake program from ads shown on search engines.

WinPatrol 2014  update

WinPatrol Plus Safe Update engine warns you about these (you can find this similar to Unchecky) and shows sample screenshots what happens when you install those software.

Restoring deleted files using WinPatrol

From this version onwards, hidden files are quarantined and placed in WinPatrol vault. If you’ve accidentally deleted a system file using WinPatrol, bother not, this program soon to offer command line script or batch file which, when ran restores deleted files in safe mode or command -line mode.

Safe update engine of the Program also reports which version of Windows you’re using, in case if you’re using XP, it will recommend to upgrading to Windows 8.1 and lets you upgrade to the Plus version for version for $2.

Download WinPatrol v30.5.2014