Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) 2.0 stable version has been released and available for download in Free and Premium versions with support for Windows XP and above.

User can install this on top of v1.75 in his computer. Malwarebytes Corporation has introduced Premium version based on a Subscription licensing model, which costs $29 for one year/3 PCs.

Malwarebytes Premium vs. Malwarebytes Free

Pro has been renamed to Premium and, Free version like in the past is available and lets you to remove malware after the scan, if found. But the free one when compared to Premium, doesn’t offer real-time protection, automatic priority updates and schedule scanning, and doesn’t block access to malicious websites and code (which Premium does).

Anti-Rootkit (Free) and Chameleon self -protection (Premium) have been built into this version. Heuristic engine which doesn’t rely on signatures, but based on behavior detects and kills malicious software and even provides defense against the zero-day attacks.

Malwarebytes 2.1 to come with Major UI Changes

You’re installing theTrial, not the free version

One caveat here for the user is: if he download and installs free version, then actually Trial will install unless he observe and unchecks ‘Enable free trial of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium’ during the installation.

Downgrading or reverting to Malwarebytes Free from Trial

If you’ve noticed you’ve installed the trial and want to go back to free one without uninstalling, here is how that can be simply done.

  • Open Malwarebytes, and on the Dashboard, click on ‘End Free Trial’ link which, then will be instantly converted to the free version.

MBAM 2 trial

May 08, 2017 UPDATE: If you’re using Malwarebytes 3.0 or later

1. Open Malwarebytes interface

2. Click on Settings, and click on ‘My Account’ tab and click ‘Deactivate Premium Trial’

3. Click ‘Yes,’ My Account tab will be updated and displays the following information

Edition: Malwarebytes Free

Status: Always free

Expiration date: Never expires.

How to Retrieve Malwarebytes ID and License key, if lost?

Note: When the evaluation period was over, you’ll get a popup or notification, conveying message ‘Trial expired, You are no longer protected because Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free Trial has expired’, you’ll be presented with options to ‘End Trial’ and ‘Buy Premium’ (check the screenshot below), then click on the former one.

Malwarebytes Trial expired popup