Back in September last year, developer Preview for Java 8 was released, yesterday Oracle corporation has released the final version for it and is available for download. If you’re a user,  but not a developer, then you should be installing JRE 8 or Java Runtime Environment 8 on your computer, if you’re developing Java applications, then you need to download JDK 8 only as it includes JRE 8 also.  

Ask toolbar included again with Java 8 Setup

Despite the criticism for bundling toolbar with previous versions of Java, Oracle continues the partnership with Ask as downloaded setup installs Ask Toolbar by default and sets Ask as default search engine in Chrome browser. So be sure to uncheck them during the setup.

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Version strings of JDK 8 and JRE 8 are 1.8 and 1.8.0, read how to check version of Java installed in your computer. Before installing the new version, don’t forget to remove older ones. Java 7  Update 10 has introduced a way to disable Java in all browsers, which is available with this version too, comes handy when you don’t browse Java requiring sites daily.

Java Control Panel applet showing version as 8

Java 8 Offline installer

Here is the standalone installer links page for JRE 8 for Windows, Mac and Linux. For download links to become active you need to accept license agreement first.