Yesterday morning, I got an email from Pinterest saying that I logged into their site from a location which they can’t recognize, that alerted me, because since Signup, I hardly logged into it. I created account only for the techdows brand sake. That email itself offered a link to lock account and prevent unauthorized usage, which I done by creating a new password.

Pinterest new location login email

Things to do When your Pinterest Account gets hacked

Reset Pinterest password:

You can use this link to reset your password. After changing the password, when I logged into the service, I came to know Hacker has changed about information, location and website link.

Edit your Profile information if changed

It hasn’t taken much time for me to change my profile information. You can do this by clicking  on your name, Your Profile & Pins and Pencil to open ‘Edit profile page’, after making the changes click on ‘Save Profile’ button.

altered pinterest profile info by hacker

Restoring deleted pins or boards

If he has created any pins or boards, delete them, unfortunately if any pins were deleted by him after gaining access to your account, neither you nor Pinterest can’t do anything about them then, because they’re already gone.

Reaching Pinterest

Note: You can send anonymous request to Pinterest team by selecting Issue as ‘Hacked Account’ from ‘My Account’ from this page.