FEBE, (pronounced as Fee-bee) Firefox Environment Backup Extension which lets you backup Firefox extensions and themes has now eighth beta for version 8 available for testing. This beta has added support for Dropbox and removed of Box.net’s. Current stable version of add-on available on AMO is 

Why Box.com (formerly Box.net) support Removed?

"Box.net is changing the way users are validated for extensions such as  FEBE. As of 12/13/2013 Box will require OAUTH v2.0 validation protocol. For this reason, FEBE no longer supports automatic uploads or restores from Box. " Box tab under Cloud Services in FEBE Options shows.

Having said that, "You can still manually upload FEBE backups to Box, but you’ll also have to manually download the download in order to perform restore." You can read more about that on developer site here.

Enabling Dropbox uploads in FEBE

After installing the extension, open Add-ons Manager>Add-ons, click on Options for FEBE,

Cloud Services>Dropbox, select ‘Enable Dropbox uploads’,  browse and select local Dropbox folder in your computer.

FEBE 8 options

FEBE v8.0, what’s new

  • FEBE code completely rewritten to wrap all functions into a single object (AMO recommendation)
  • Added Dropbox support, removed Box.net support
  • Support added for up to three additional backup locations for webDAV, CDs, DVDs, thumbdrives, networked drives, etc.
  • Profile backup name now contains the Firefox version number.
  • Added ‘Grace period" (seconds) to backup on startup/shutdown.
  • Added ‘Tolerance’ (seconds) for determining if scheduled backup was missed
  • Scheduled backup UI redesigned
  • No restart needed when changing backup schedule
  • New option: Perform delayed backup
  • Items can be added to ignore list during backup
  • Created function to test backup directory permissions
  • Created function to list all add-ons
  • Created function to manually load and save extension data
  • If FEBE cannot load the extension data in real-time, a saved copy of the data will be used instead.

Download FEBE 8.0 Beta