WebRep module in Avast Antivirus which was used to show safety ratings for websites and search results in browsers has been integrated into the Avast Online Security Plugin (AOS), which apart from Web Reputation also has other security features built-in, for instance, this Plugin for Chrome offers Phishing protection, Site Correct, Do Not Track and Safe Price features.

Avast Online Security Plugin Annoyances

AOS does show ticks or check marks for verified search results in the browser, it results in slow loading times and sometimes users just don’t like to see them is another reason. When you’re on a SERP, and when you hover your mouse pointer over a (green) check mark, it shows a pop-up with the message ‘this site is safe’.

If you don’t want to see safety ratings or in layman terms the ticks, and also the pop-ups on hover in search results, you can disable them without removing the AOS plugin from Chrome, here is how to do that.

How to Uninstall or Remove Avast Online Security Plugin from Firefox, Chrome and IE browsers at Once?

Removing green ticks and ‘this site is safe’ pop-up without uninstalling the Online Security Plugin of Avast in Chrome

1. Click on Chrome menu, select Tools > Extensions

2. Hit on ‘Options’ for Avast Online Security extension,

3. When options page opens, scroll down and remove check marks for ‘SERP Enable search result page coloring’ and ‘Enable popups in search result page coloring’ and click on ‘Save’ button to apply the changes.

Avast Online Security Plugin Chrome options

Update: Similarly, you can do that in Firefox also. Make sure you’ve open any site except the New Tab Page in Firefox, click on AOS icon to view the rating window, further click on ‘Settings’ at the bottom, you’ll get the options like in Chrome, check the screenshot below.

Avast Online Security settings Firefox

Disabling Safe Price

Bonus: You can disable Safe Price feature of Plugin which shows recommended sites for shopping. After following above steps from 1 to 2, uncheck Safe Price and click on ‘Save’ button.

Note: Latest beta version of Avast free antivirus offers this option, if you’re not finding them in the current version, soon you will be, when stable version releases globally.

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