Recently, we’ve covered how to uninstall GrimeFighter feature of Avast in your computer, do you know you can disable it without needing to remove it?. Browser Cleanup is another tool that removes add-ons and toolbars from browsers that have a poor reputation, it has standalone version also available, so you don’t need to be using Avast for that.

Update: Read this article for the steps to turn off or remove or uninstall Avast Browser Cleanup.

Browser Cleanup keeps checking regularly for toolbars

Latest beta version of Antivirus has improved Browser Cleanup tool’s detection and removal of browser protectors which prevents the tool from getting rid of the toolbars. That’s welcome and good news for the user.

But by default, it keeps monitoring for toolbars in browsers that have  bad ratings, if any add-on is detected in one of your installed browsers you’ll be alerted through a pop-up with options to delete it immediately or see the details.

Here is the message that popup shows : ‘An add-on with a bad reputation has been detected in your Internet browser. This might impact your browser performance. avast! recommends you to cleanup your browser now…”.

Browser Cleanup popup

On my computer, it has detected Advanced SystemCare Browser Protection add-on as a bad one because of poor reputation.

If you’re aware of all add-ons installed in your browsers, and don’t want this popup to interrupt your work, you can disable it, but  we recommend it to leave as it is.

Disabling Avast Browser Cleanup Popups

1. Open Avast User interface, click on Tools>Browser Cleanup

2. Remove the check mark for  ‘Check my Browsers regularly for toolbars with bad user ratings’.

Browser Cleanup UI

Disabling Grimefighter in Avast

1. Open Avast user interface,

2. Click Settings>Tools, select ‘Customize’ for GrimeFighter

3. And remove the tick mark for ‘Always test this computer for Grime’, and click OK to apply the changes.

Avast GrimeFighter settings

Note: You can find these options in the latest beta version and soon it will be available to all users globally with the stable version.