If your Credit Card of ICICI Bank was misplaced/lost/stolen, to avert misuse of it, till now you used to report this to ICICI bank by logging onto their website or by calling their 24-hour customer care from Phone.

Or you can visit their bank branch if nearby and submit an application requesting to stop all further transactions, then your card will be blocked instantly and a new card will be delivered to your home address within seven days.

Do you know you can now block your Credit Card by sending just an SMS from your registered mobile number?.

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Blocking lost ICICI Bank’s Credit Card with an SMS from your mobile phone

You need to SMS, CCBLK <last four digits of your card> to 5676766

ICICI CC blocking SMS

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And ICICI bank as well allows you to decrease or increase the limit available on your CC with a single SMS.

To do that, simply send CRLIM <First four digits>X<Last four digits>  <Limit to be set> to 5676766

Remember, you’ve to send these messages from mobile number registered with the bank.