Recently, Google has added Reset browser settings button to Chrome browser which allows the user to restore browser settings to its defaults, the main reason behind adding this setting/feature is third-party programs in Windows continue to change Chrome search engine, homepage, New Tab Page without user’s knowledge.

But it makes sense, if the affected user actually remembers Reset button exists in the browser and uses it at that time, that’s most unlikely to happen. How browser alerting user about changed settings and offering reset button? Google browser will now do just that, it will prompt you to reset settings if they were found altered without you being aware of. 

Chrome in Windows now Prompts user to Reset altered Settings

"settings hijacking remains our number one user complaint. To make sure the reset option reaches everyone who might need it, Chrome will be prompting Windows users whose settings appear to have been changed if they’d like to restore their browser settings back to factory default" post in Chrome blog says.

Reset Chrome Settings Prompt

Reset Prompt pops up from Chrome menu icon and appears with message 

"Reset altered Chrome settings?

Chrome detected that your browser settings may have been changed without your knowledge. Would you like to reset them to their original defaults? " with ‘Reset’ and "No thanks’ buttons.

" If you’ve been affected by settings hijacking and would like to restore your settings, just click “Reset” on the prompt below when it appears."

And don’t forget Reset button also exists in Firefox browser and use it when needed.