Opera software has moved their Developer version of desktop browser for Mac and Windows to Next stream and is available for download. Entering Next means, build is feature-complete and after further bug fixes and optimization, it will be available to all users world-wide with Stable channel, which is the official release one.

Network installer, they’ve introduced with the developer is now offered for Next channel too, offline installer is also available-helpful for low-speed internet connections.

Opera Next 20

Opera Next 20, what’s new

1. Bookmarks bar is not enabled by default, you can from Settings. Once enabled, you can add bookmarks by drag and drop of tabs onto the bar.

2. The URL bar badge shows a broken padlock if the site’s certificate is not valid.

3. Advanced Settings (hidden, you can show them from Settings)

  • Use big speed dial thumbnails
  • Set width and height of speed dial thumbnails

4. Menu items for Speed Dial, Discover, and Stash.

Download Opera Next