Its happening, Chrome stable and beta channels started disabling external extensions installed by third-party programs in Windows, these extensions once disabled, are grayed out and can’t be enabled like before. Few months back, Google said from January 2014 onwards, it won’t allow extension installs from outside their web store.

Seems that came into effect and when an extension is disabled, Chrome shows a bubble with the message ‘Suspicious extensions disabled, To make Chrome safer, we disabled some extensions that aren’t listed in the  Chrome Web store and may have been added without your knowledge’.

suspicious extensions disabled message

Here, the extension that flagged as suspicious is IDM integration module, in the past, its installation has been prevented and flagged as malicious, so what’s the way to install that extension?, For instance, here is of IDM’s?(which lets you download files in Chrome using IDM?), we’ll tell you how, follow the instructions below. 

Fixing Chrome’s ‘Suspicious extensions disabled’ and how to install that extension again

Here, we’re explaining steps to install IDM’s extension in Chrome using developer mode, and this method applies and works for any third-party extension.

1.  From Chrome menu, Tools>Extensions, uninstall that disabled extension by clicking on trash icon.

grayed out IDM Integration module in Chrome

2. Open Windows Explorer>Tools>Folder Options>View,  remove tick mark for ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ and click ‘OK’.

3.  Copy IDMGCExt.crx extension from the Internet Download Manager directory in ‘Program Files’ and rename crx to zip and extract this zip file contents to a folder.

4. Now in Chrome://extension page, click on ‘Load unpacked extension..’, and browse for that folder we’ve extracted earlier and click ‘OK’, when ‘Confirm New Extension’ dialog appears click ‘Add’.

Until IDM comes up with a fix for this-hosting their extension in web store is the solution- you’ve to use above method.

Still, Chrome continues to nudge to disable developer mode installed extensions, you can then click on ‘cancel’ button to keep the extension active. Note: You’ve to avoid that pop-up every time when you launch Chrome browser.