For multi-tasking benefits in Yahoo Mail Yahoo has offered Recent View in place of tabs, after users outcry they’ve added tabs back and they’re available under View>Multitasking. After enabling tabs emails you read, new messages you compose, contacts and calendars when opened appear as separate tabs.

Yahoo Mail Boss Mode

If you find it difficult to manage tabs you’ve opened Yahoo is offering ‘Boss mode’ which shows preview of all tabs and offers set of squares icon at the left bottom to show or hide previews, you’ll find this similar to Firefox New Tab page and you’re ‘Esc’ key away from entering this mode.

Yahoo Mail tabs preview mode

You can also reach there by selecting ‘Preview all’ option from arrow after last tab. In Preview mode, you can switch between to any tab by clicking on preview or by using numbers -1 for first tab, 2 for second tabs ..etc..

Have you found boss mode or tabs preview mode useful in Yahoo Mail? Let us know in comments.