WinPatrol 2014 Preview version 30 has been released by its developer, Bill Pytlovany and is available to download for testing. The Preview comes with Windows 8 look and has many new enhancements. Tooltip functionality and Scheduled tasks 2.0 are in To-Do list of the developer for WinPatrol 2014, let us hope they’ll be available when final version releases.

WinPatrol 2014 Preview

What’s new: 

If you’re bored with tabbed interface of system changes alerting program that appears with too much text, finally, that too after 16 years it has got some graphics. The developer says "After 16 years it was time for WinPatrol to make some dramatic change both inside and out. WinPatrol 2014 will have the user interface that looks as new as Windows 8 but will continue to work just as easy on Windows XP. "

WinPatrol 2014 Preview

Till now, the program reads common system checks from the Windows registry, which to change from this version onwards and they will be saved in its local memory which not only saves CPU cycles, but also the disc access.

WinPatrol report and Hijack report have been updated.

New version of SQLite3.dll added to WinPatrol allows it to access cookies stored by Firefox and Chrome browsers, developer has plans to add support for Firefox and chrome plugins.

Maximized window size you’ve set in the last session will now be saved and restored in the next session.

Upcoming features

  • International Date Time Format
  • Help files and videos for documentation
  • Tooltip
  • Scheduled Tasks 2.0

Download WinPatrol 2014 Preview