Avira Online Essentials has been released yesterday, and available in English and German languages, it is an online service that lets you install Avira products on multiple devices from the dashboard in the browser and allows to manage them. When you add any Avira product like Avira Antivirus or Secure backup, then Avira Client will be installed on your Windows computer and it has connection to Avira dashboard which lets you access the same.

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When you open Programs and Features or add/remove programs in Control Panel, you can notice Avira and Avira Free Antivirus listed under installed programs. And you can also observe ‘Avira.OE.Systray.exe’ process running under Processes tab on Task Manager.

Avira online essentials client

If you’ve only installed Avira antivirus in your computer and not any other Avira product, then this service may not be much more useful for you, here is how to uninstall Avira client installed by Online Essentials in your computer if you no longer need it.

Note: Uninstalling Avira client also removes Avira.OE.Systray.exe and already installed Avira antivirus will continue to work without any issues after that.

Uninstalling Avira Online Essentials installed Avira Client

1. Click on Windows orb to open Start Menu, click on Control Panel

2. Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features

2. Select Avira (not Avira Free Antivirus) and click ‘Uninstall’, when the Avira setup dialog pops up, click on ‘Uninstall’ button and follow instructions on the screen.

Avira Setup

Update: After uninstalling Avira client, when Avira Update dialog appears (check the screenshot below), don’t click ‘Accept and Update‘, if you do so, it reinstalls Avira client or online essentials into your computer again. To avoid that happening, close that dialog, after that, when Avira Update dialog asks to Cancel, click ‘Yes’.

Avira Update dialog

Your computer now only left with Avira Antivirus, which works like before without any issues.

Update 1: The above mentioned instructions in the article apply to Avira 2015 version also.