TechSmith Snagit has got an update, version 11.4 has been released for Windows and available to download. This version introduces new Step and blur tools, updates Editor, and some new styles have been added to default Tool gallery. Step tool will be available for Snagit on Mac in the coming weeks.

Snagit 11.4 for Windows

Snagit with decreased startup time now opens more quickly than before. Snagit Editor’s toolbar has been simplified and now has only four tabs: Tools, Image, Share and Library. Draw’ tab in Snagit 11.3 and before versions has been changed to ‘Tools’. Text tool has been merged into Callouts.

Snagit 11.4 Editor with Blur and Step tools

New Blur tool which you can find under Tools tab in Editor offers Smooth and Pixelate styles for blurring. Smooth Blur lets you blur sensitive information in a capture such as username, password, email address etc., where Pixelate Blur hides or masks faces on a captured image with a set of large square pixels.

Snagit 11.4

Till now to blur, you need to select an area which no longer required, now you just have to drag to create a blurred area.

Step tool ‘allows you to quickly and intuitively document a series of steps in a process’.

Library tab lets you easily find all your captures, you can find complete version history of Snagit 11.4 here.

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