AVG is one of popular free antivirus available on the internet along with Avast and Avira, after installing AVG, you can configure its settings to your liking, it can be disabling annoying notifications displayed related to boot time improvements, statistics, AVG Advisor’s or enabling removable device scan, but if you’ve gone ahead and made too many changes in Settings which you don’t remember and not figured out how to undo them, don’t worry! You can still restore AVG default settings easily, here is how that can be done.

How to Reset/Restore Avast Settings to Its Default Values

Restoring AVG Default Settings

Open AVG UI>Options>Advanced Settings>click on ‘Default’ button at bottom on left side of window (check the screenshot below), which resets all AVG settings to defaults.

AVG advanced Settings

Tip:You can set AVG to shutdown computer after whole computer scan

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