You can view and manage all cookies and site data stored by websites you’ve visited in Chrome browser by going to chrome://settings/cookies page, to delete cookies for a specific website you need to search for that site, select it and then only you can remove them.

Removing Specific website Cookies in Chrome from ‘Cookies set by this page’ dialog

Chromium team has made this task even more simple now, they’ve added remove button to Cookies set by this page dialog.

Now to delete a cookie stored by a website in Chrome browser

  • Visit that site, click on favicon (or click lock icon if exists in its place) next to domain name in omnibox and click on ‘Show cookies and site data’,
  • Once ‘Cookies set by this page’ dialog comes up, under Allowed tab, expand site name and Cookies, select cookie you want to delete and click newly added ‘Remove’ button, done, lot simpler isn’t it?

Cookies Set by this page remove button

You can find this feature in latest Chrome Canary build. [Came to know via francois]