Opera desktop team is back to work after holidays, and they’ve made available Opera 20 Developer for Windows with network installer which requires internet connection to install, if you’ve low speed internet connection, don’t worry! Opera has not yet removed the full installer, it is still available for offline installations. Lots of installation failures due to network and other problems made Norwegian browser vendor to take this decision.

Opera Network installer

We already know Google and Mozilla offer web installers for Chrome and Firefox browsers, web installer has its own advantages where user always gets latest version and same applies to Opera net installer also.

Opera network installer

"The new installer will retry downloads if there are problems, ensure the latest version is always the one installed, and enhance security of the installation process.There should be no need to redownload the network installer. If you have one laying around, you can launch it and always get the latest version." said Daniel Aleksandersen, Mac product test lead for Opera in the Desktop Team blog.

You can download Opera 20 developer for Windows and Mac from here.

What’s your take on Opera’s network installer? Useful or not? Which one you prefer? Offline one or net one? Share with us in comments.